The 50 Best Bars and Clubs in Buenos Aires

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Thanks to the number of our visitors who download our ATG Nightlife Pocket Guide every day, we know you all like to party!

In honor of all of you, we are happy to present our online Buenos Aires Nightlife Guidebook. The guidebook features more than 50 bars and clubs to keep you out past sunrise in this city that loves to party.

Our intrepid author, Gwen Kirby, exhausted herself exploring the city’s dives, chic bars, mega clubs and brewpubs. We’ve split up her hard won research into the categories Bars, Clubs, Gay and Lesbian and Tango.

It would be impossible to be all inclusive without going through several guidebook authors. We sought to provide a guide of places with a specific flair to give you the best possible to choose from during your stay in Argentina. Each entry provides a quick description, the direction and contact info to get you there fast.

One last thing before you check out the guidebook to figure out where to start off your night. If you have a suggestion or correction to the nightlife guidebook, contact us! We are happy to receive your comments.


Emily Crawford

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Andrew Reynolds on June 9, 08

Good idea that you come up with a guidebook. This book could help a lot for people who are not yet familiar with the place especially if they are looking for a very good place for night life in Buenos Aires.

That’s a great list, I bet it was a real hardship compiling it eh? How many bars did you actually make it round per night? If I ever make it to Buenos Aires I’ll be sure to print this list out, thanks.

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