El Desnivel Restaurant in Buenos Aires

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Parilla El Desnivel in Buenos AiresAmidst the overflowing crowd of many tourists and backpackers at El Desnivel in Buenos Aires, our waiter whisked through the tables in the dining room bringing us plate after plate of fries, grilled cheese, salad, steaks, wines, beers, breads, and selections from the grill including, but not limited to blood sausage, thyroid, and intestines. At the end of the two hour ordeal most in our group of ten were meat drunk and satisfied. Such is El Desnivel.

I had essentially been a school fish and listened to my friends and gone with their flow for the evening. All I had heard was this place was well known, maybe the best in Buenos Aires. Needless to say I was a little shocked, but ultimately very pleased when we arrived and I saw a little restaurant tucked away with almost no sign to speak of. You should keep the Rolex at home and wear a shirt you don’t mind getting some grill spittle on because his place feels like an old school inn, a slightly raucous boarding house dining hall, well lit and adorned with pictures of supposedly well known Argentines, although I certainly wouldn’t know. I felt I could have thrown baguettes across the room, had I been so inclined, and there would have been no repercussion except the threat of a return volley.

For delicious parilla, excellent and authentic atmosphere, and service with character that leaves you and your wallet fat try El Desnivel in Buenos Aires. Reservations are taken sometimes. It will probably be busy, but turnover seems to be quick.

El Desnivel
Defensa 855
Tel: 4300-9081
Zona San Telmo


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tk on July 20, 09

The world’s greatest restaurant?!

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