Tips to Renting an Apartment in Buenos Aires the Easy Way

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Planning your trip to Argentina?? Now that you have downloaded your free Nightlife or Family Guide, you are probably dreaming of the perfect place to stay during your adventure.

More and more travelers are choosing the ease of renting an apartment during their stay, especially in the bustle of Buenos Aires. An apartment offers all the conveniences of a hotel but with less cost, the freedom to cook and the chance to stay in an authentic location complete with colonial architecture.

It’s important, however, to CHOOSE an Apartment with CARE. Why? Because this is your dream trip to Argentina. Where you stay is crucial to your trip.

Here’s our hard won and researched tips:

Argentina’s Travel Guide has met and vetted the owners of property management companies in Buenos Aires and Patagonia to ensure the highest standard for our clients. We work with only two, out of dozens of companies in the city. (Email us at to find out how to find the perfect apartment for your trip).

If you read the fine print, you may be surprised by the fees charged by some agencies for simply arriving on Saturday or Sunday, such as $15 to $30 per person! Some companies charge a fee for simply meeting you at the apartment.

Many apartments may look fabulous in pictures but what you really want to know is whether or not the street is on a major bus route. It won’t matter how great the colonial French style architecture is in your San Telmo apartment if you can’t sleep at night.

Lose the keys? Break a wine glass? Need extra sheets or pillows? Make sure you know you have someone who can be of service, and cares about your experience, during your stay.

Buenos Aires is known for its diverse neighborhoods. Talk to someone who can help you chose not only the neighborhood but the street you want to be on during your stay. The extra mile is worth it.

Email us with questions, your dream apartment specs and we will be pleased to pour over maps to help you find the perfect place for you.


Serge Lescouarnec on August 31, 08


I decided to choose ‘Argentina’s Travel Guide’ as one of my 5 picks on ‘Serge the Concierge’ for BlogDay2008.

I called my BlogDay piece From Gauchos to Green Things: My 5 Picks for BlogDay2008 (August 31st)

Hope you like the plug!

I plan on mentioning your ‘rental tips’ in the coming week.

Take care


Adventure Art Travel on September 23, 08

I have been dreaming about renting an apartment in Buenos Aires ever since reading the Four Hour Work Week book. Just need to makes some money first !

Apartments Buenos Aires on June 26, 09

Buenos Aires is one of the most beatufull cities in the world.

Thanks for sharing this tips.

Best regards,

Marissa on August 11, 10

Its very true what you are saying about recommendations. I work in a Rental agency, Casa34, and most of our customers come to us because somebody recommend us or even an apartment of us to them. Agree about what you say about the pictures, happened to me too to be disapointed or on the contrary amazed by an apartment. What I think people should be very careful when renting, is in closing a rental deal with someone they find trustful and not complicated. With somebody you can call when you have a problem and you know this person will help you.

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