Never Decline an Asado Invitation

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Asado Argentino One experience every visitor to Buenos Aires must have and never turn down is the invitation to an asado. The word asado means a barbeque, and the asador is the person in charge of cooking the meat. I had the honor of attending an asado the other night, and it was the best night I have had in Buenos Aires!

Upon arriving at the friend’s apartment, the huge table was already set up and ready. An unending supply of meat was on the grill, a delectable potato egg salad had been prepared, a huge bowl of freshly cut tomatoes, and a big basket of bread were all awaiting the guests. In addition, our friends were quick to fill our empty hands with a glass of wine or the all-famous Fernet.

What is Fernet? Well, Fernet and Coke is the famous and more popular drink for the Argentine locals. I personally think it is bitter and unpleasant, but at least give it a try! I think it is the kind of drink you have to become accustomed to…similar to maté.

Now let me explain why you should never turn down an invitation to an asado. Every foreigner who comes to Argentina will believe they have found the best meat ever at the Argentine parillas. However, once invited to an asado, you will realize you were wrong. I have never had such tender and flavorful meat in all my life!

The asador was an incredible chef, and that is where another custom must be mentioned. If the guests at an asado like the food, you are supposed to clap every time he/she returns to the table. Usually someone at the table will announce, “un aplauso para el asador,” and that is your cue to start clapping! If anything, it brings laughter and smiles to everyone’s faces as the fun and great food continues to roll in.

Overall, the Argentines are a very generous, hospitable, and extremely fun group of people. Take advantage of every chance you get to spend time with them at an asado, a bar, or even a café. You will have the time of your life, and learn at lot at the same time!


estancia turistica on January 24, 07

Asados are pretty cool 🙂 I want one now!

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Brian on July 4, 09

mmmm Asado

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