Hotel Room in Buenos Aires Named One of Sexiest in World

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Hotel Home, in Palermo Viejo, was recently picked as having one of the ten “sexiest” hotel rooms in the world by Bill Tikos, author of the blog The Cool Hunter. The Times Online is currently highlighting Tikos’ picks of the ten sexiest hotel rooms, which he found touring the world in search of cool and recently published in a book. Hotel Home was started in 2005 by Tom Rixton and Patricia O’Shea, a British couple who were getting married in the city and wanted to create a stylish place for their friends and family to enjoy the city. Now it is a popular, hi-style hotel in the heart of the Buenos Aires night life scene. Highlights that make it one of the sexiest hotels? A shallow pool, surrounded by tropical plants, an ever flowing bar, and the beautiful private rooftop terrace are all part of the hotel’s charm.

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