Flor de Metal – a Metal Flower in Buenos Aires

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Metal Flower sculpture in Buenos Aires - Flor de Metal

Donated by Eduardo Catalo this massive metal flower is a nice place to visit…for ten minutes. Well, since it opens and closes with the sun via hydraulic machinery you might be able to spend a few more minutes if you time your evening or morning correctly. The “show” is more impressive at night because the lights around the base of the sculpture have more effect. However, in the summer be prepared for hordes mosquitoes, who apparently are living under two false assumptions. 1) that they are bees and 2) that the flower really has pollen in it.

Plaza Naciones Unidas en Figueroa Alcorta y Austria


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Poje Mario on April 3, 10

Thank You for reffering to my website 😉
Loved visiting Buenos Aires.

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