44th Jockey Club Open Championship in San Isidro

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The 44th Jockey Club Open Championship is starting soon, bringing together eleven teams and some of the best players from around the world. Polo is a classic Argentine sport, though it was brought here from Britain, and Argentina has an unusually high concentration of the world’s best players. Four Argentine players of note in the tournament are Adolfo Cambiaso Jr., Bartolomé Castagnola, Agustín Merlos and Bautista Heguy, all of whom have a handicap of ten goals. The total handicaps of the teams range from 28 to 34 goals. The event takes place at the Buenos Aires Jockey Club, in the outlying town of San Isidro, which can be reached by train. According to My Buenos Aires Travel Guide, the tournament will take place from September 8th through September 20th.

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