Argentine and French Artists United in “Urbanidades”

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“Urbanidades” is an art exhibit dedicated to the idea of art within the urban context. According to the official website of the Centro Cultural Borges, where the exhibition is being held, using “urban-ness” as a uniting artist theme finds new ways to explore the tension between journey and city, structure and rhythm. The mediums used, mural painting, video, installation, canvas painting, drawing, represent the diversity of the cityscape. To make this exhibit, 11 artists from Argentina and France have included their pieces.

The Argentine artists are Carolina Antoniadis, Tomás Espina, Ana Gallardo, Graciela Hasper, Esteban Pastorino, Pablo Rosales and Elisa Strada and the French artists and Thierry Bernard, Thierry Géhin, Catherine Melin and Michèle Waquant. The exhibit opens tomorrow and runs until October 13th; entrance is 10 pesos.

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