Relaxing at the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires' Japanese Gardens in Palermo ParkIf you are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the pace in Buenos Aires, there is one place you can go where you are guaranteed a day of relaxation. The Japanese Garden in Palermo Park may be surrounded by a cluster of busy streets within the city, but you would never know it when inside the park gates. Zen is the peaceful state the Japanese strive to achieve; and in this quintessential Japanese Garden, Zen you will find. The sounds of the water, friendly animals, and the well-manicured landscaping, block out the world outside and create the perfect environment to let loose and unwind.

Hungry Koi at the BA Japanese GardensThe only rowdy behavior found within the Japanese Garden sits beneath the bright red bridge which takes you from one side of the pond to the other. Equally bright as this bridge are the inhabitants of the water beneath…a big family of Koi Carp that swarm around and await their daily visitors. The fish practically jump out of their scales to get to any crumbs of food that you brought with you or dug out from the deep corner of your pocket.

Ornate Japanese architecture is evident on various buildings placed within the park for additional interest and visual appeal. Tucked in a corner is a small Japanese library that gives guests the option of checking out a book. There is a tea house/restaurant that has art work inside and even a Japanese conference room of sorts on the second floor that looks out over the beautiful garden. From the balcony, the park and its horticulture will wow you with its’ meticulous structure.

Fearsome samurai.  Watch out!If you find your state of zen creeping so deep that you actually manage to catch some zzz’s on one of the numerous park benches, as I did, you will likely awake to the regulators of the park – the ducks. A community of ducks has also discovered this peaceful living environment and waddles around looking for food and making their presence known.

Open from 10am to 6pm on a daily basis, the Gardin Japones is a great place to visit. Whether you are looking for a place to catch your breath, a destination to bring a special friend, or even a delicious meal of sushi, the park will not let you down.

Buenos Aires Japanese Garden
Palermo Park
10am – 6pm daily


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