Sushi in Buenos Aires: Dashi Restaurant

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Sushi Dashi Buenos Aires The greatest aspect of living in a city is the diversity of people, food, activities, languages and cultures. While the majority of the restaurants in Buenos Aires serve Argentine food, there are many other choices. For example, if you want to eat Sushi in Buenos Aires, you could give Dashi a try.

A few friends and I were in the mood for something different, and we ended up at a sushi restaurant called Dashi.
Even though Dashi specializes in sushi, they have many other options like teriyaki chicken and remarkable wok dishes for those non-sushi fans. In addition, there are a few Dashi restaurant locations in the city, so you can find the one closest to your neighborhood. We went to the Palermo Hollywood restaurant.

The décor of this Dashi is fantastic. The design of the place is very modern with dark wood floors and tables. The lighting is dim, but the walls are adorned and appropriately lit with fantastic and exotic paintings of elephants and other jungle animals. If the paintings do not fancy your liking, the extremely good-looking waiters might make up for it! My girlfriends were distracted during the entire dining experience! Most importantly, the food was great…at least the dish I tried.

I was not really in the mood for sushi that night, so I tried one of the wok dishes. The dish was made up of thin noodles, lomo (filet mignon), ginger shavings, veggies and flavored with an amazing teriyaki sauce. The dish was delicious, and well worth a return to the restaurant. My friends, on the other hand, were in the mood and very excited to order sushi. They also ordered a bottle of white wine to complement the fish. Unfortunately, they were not totally impressed with the sushi at Dashi. They felt that the preparation was slow, and they had eaten much better sushi elsewhere.

I cannot vouch for their sushi, but I can say the restaurant is well worth trying at least for their wok dishes. It stimulated different taste buds that were beginning to feel ignored after an over abundance of steak and pastas. My recommendation is to at least give Dashi a try and make the decision for yourself. Everyone is particular about their sushi, so venture out and see if the sushi at Dashi meets up to your standards. If all else fails, at least you can stare at the great artwork and handsome Argentine waiters!

Dashi Palermo Hollywood
Fitz Roy 1613, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires

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