Spring Forward Comes Early this Year to Argentina

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Spring forward is coming to Argentina! Though it sometimes happens as late as the summer, this year it is the earliest it has ever been: October 19th. According to La Nación, the clocks will be set forward one hour that weekend and the time will stay that way until March of 2009. The change is coming earlier this year as part of an attempt to save energy across the country. Days will seem longer, meaning that people will not turn their lights on as early and should, presumably, use less energy. This program was pushed hard by the Energy Secretary after it was successful in several provinces last year, and was finally approved as a nation wide program by President Cristina Kirchner. For those living in the city, it means the late summer nights that we love are coming a few months earlier this year and will be enjoyed for many months to come.


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DaVe on October 13, 08

Hey chicos, this post is wrong. It says that clocks will be set “back” one hour when in actuality they are set “forward” one hour.

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