Punta del Este vs Mar del Plata: Where are Porteños Going?

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Mar del Plata is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Argentina, it is also the cheapest beach resort in Mercosur. Despite this, many people in Latin America, including Argentines, are drawn to the much pricier Punta del Este in Uruguay and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, two of the most expensive places to vacation. According to Mercopress, Buenos Aires consultants Management & Fit published a report on Sunday about the prices for lodging, food and leisure at the major resorts in Mercosur. The study found that Mar del Plata, rather surprisingly, is 25 to 35 percent cheaper than other high profile resorts; it is also the most popular resort in Argentina. The report also names Cordoba and Bariloche as places that are excellent value for money.


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ignacio on March 27, 10

I am from Mar del Plata Argentina, and i prefer punta del este from mar del plata because mar del plata in summer is full of people, despite this we know that mar del plata has much more facilities that punta del este doesn’t have.
It depends on your point of view

santiago on December 20, 10

i have no doubt, i think that punta del este is much better its a little bit expencive but its beautifull. the beaches, the port, the city. i have visited places and beaches all over the word but i still think that punta is amazing. you has to come on january. if come one time. you will come every year

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