Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ New CD has Release Date

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La Luz del Ritmo is the new CD of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and it was announced recently that they CD finally has a fixed release date: October 28th. According to Rolling Stone Argentina, the CD has five new songs, one of which, “La lez del ritmo,” was played for the first time at the Planetarium in Buenos Aires. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs are a beloved Argentine rock band whose members have been playing together since 1985. They won a Grammy in 1998 and have recently come back together for their Comeback Tour after a six year hiatus from music making. The CD, which is the group’s 16th album, comes in two formats, a CD or a CD + DVD with special features for the true Cadillacs enthusiast, including the making of the CD.

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