Avenida Santa Fe – Shopping for Value

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Santa Fe Ave and Lingerie shopAvenida Santa Fe in Buenos Aires stretches its retail lined girth all the way from one end of Capital Federal to the other – Plaza San Martin to Belgrano; creating a corridor of hustle and bustle to nearly steady traffic of thousands of autos and feet. While the shopper in need can probably find anything they want (industrial floor buffer withstanding) there is an inordinate amount of pharmacies, clothing stores, and lingerie shops. I guess women here just wear their undergarments a little harder than in the United States.

Santa Fe Avenue in Buenos AiresWide and one way, this is probably the most important shopping street in the city, although the best spot is arguable in Palermo where the boutiques and trendy stores are exploding. However, due to sheer volume and lower prices Santa Fe takes the cake. It is worth the trek to go from one end to the other, receiving belches of cold air from stores air conditioned interiors along the way. During the tour of the zones Microcentro, Barrio Norte, and Palermo you pass some by of the major parks and plazas in the city.

For concentrated shopping there is the Alto Palermo Shopping Center located at Santa Fe and Bulnes, with retail, dining, and a cinema.


Maria Teske on May 21, 08

Could you tell me if Santa Fe Av. stores are open on sunday?

Emily Crawford on May 22, 08

Hi Maria, Yes! Also, check out this article – it’s got more great info.
Let me know if you might be interested in a personal shopping guide!

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