Seventh Year of “Original” People’s Crafts and Culture

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The VII Feria y Exposición Artesanal y Cultural de los Pueblos Originarios (Fair and Exposition of Crafts and Culture from the Original Pueblos) opens today and will run until November 9th. The fair and exposition demonstrate the many beautiful and valuable aspects of these “original,” indigenous cultures, uniting them in one place and celebrating their complex and vital role in Latin America. According to the government website, groups from Cusco and the Amazon in Peru will attend the event, as well as groups from all regions of Argentina. In addition to crafts, there will be indigenous music and dancing, indigenous costumes, and traditional food for all to sample. The event takes place at the Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández on Libertador 2372 and costs only one peso to enter (it is free on Sunday).

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