The Church of Maradona Celebrates his Birthday

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This past Wednesday was Diego Maradona’s birthday, an event which, coinciding with his appointment to head coach of the Argentine soccer team, has given Maradona devotees even more than usual to celebrate. According to the International Herald Tribune, the Church of Maradona was founded in the city of Rosario ten years ago by a group of friends and has swollen in size to 120,000 members worldwide. His birthday marks the year D.D. 48; D.D. stands for “Despues de Diego,” (“After Diego”). To celebrate on Wednesday, around 300 members of the “soccer church” held processions with relics such as a soccer ball with a crown of thorns and a rosary with 34 beads. 34 is the number of goals Maradona scored for Argentina’s national team. With such devoted fans, expectations are incredibly high for his performance at this new and daunting task: reviving the Argentine national soccer team for the World Cup.

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