Argentina Celebrates 25th Year of Democracy

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Yesterday marked the return of democracy in Argentina, 25 years ago, after the collapse of the military dictatorship following the War of the Islas Malvinas. According to Top News, Raul Alfonsín, of the Radical Civic Union, won the election on October 30, 1983 and ever since then democratic elections have taken place without the intervention of the military that controlled the country for so many years before. A political researcher at the Institute of Latin American Studies in Hamburg, Germany believes that democracy is now more strongly rooted in the nation than it ever has been before. Even during the difficult crisis of 2001, when some feared the military would step in and presidents left office nearly as quickly as they entered, Argentine’s stayed strong. To celebrate, a large rally was held in Luna Park with many important members of government attending; it was free and open to the public! Sadly, Raul Alfonsín could not go due to problems with his health.

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