Weekend Buzz: The Dapper Edition

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Some people believe that weeks were made for the weekends- present party included.  I’d like to call this edition the “Dapper Edition” because you just might find someone sporting a tuxedo…

Thanks to Tifanny Fotter for This Photo


Drink wine and dine at La Vaca Profana, Buenos Aires own avant-guard theater.  Located at LaValle 3683, the stained glass doors open into a dimmly lit room spotted with red stained tables.  There are two perfomances scheduled for tonight in addition to several courses of deliciousness.  For pricing information and reservations, call 4867-0934, as tonight is sure to fill up!


What’s better than a day at a museum? A night at the museums! This Saturday, the city of Buenos Aires is sponsoring an evening of festivities from 7pm until 2am- absolutely free.  Guided visits, shows, screenings, music; you name it and they’ve got it.  122 museums will be participating- and with the 29, 64, 78, 80, 87, 92, 100, 111, 127, 130 and 134 running free of charge, you might just make it to every single one.


Check out the last performance of the Buenos Aires Lirica’s “Don Giovanni.” Located at the Teatro Avenida, Avenida de Mayo 1222, tickets range in price from 20 to 180 pesos- so you have options. You can either buy that new shirt and squint, or strut last year’s “black” and have a seat. With musical direction by Carlos Vieu, and choreography by Alejando Cervera, you don’t want to miss out on Mozart’s Italian playboy.


César González on November 15, 08

I wanna go!!!

Serge Lescouarnec on November 16, 08

Great piece

Wanted lo let you know that ‘Serge the Concierge’ chose Argentina’s Travel as one of his Top 10 picks for his Around the World in 10 Blogs List for Blogs.com.

Take care

‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

Emily Anne Epstein on November 20, 08

Thanks Serge!

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