First Barbie Store in BA

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Mattel opened it’s first ever Barbie store in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.  With over 150 customers each day, the store is leading the way for the chain to move across the world in time for the blonde beauty’s 50th birthday.  Already popular among Argentines, Barbie has been featured in her own musical, Barbie Live.  The store will allow Argentina’s little girls access to all things Barbie: clothes, toys, even a full scale salon.  Why the franchise chose Argentina as it’s flagship is still under speculation.  Perhaps the fact that the central government is located somewhere called La Casa Rosada (The Pink House)?

Via: The Independent

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Eric Hensley on November 21, 08

This is, however, not he first “Barbie” store in B.A. as there is one in our neighborhood in Palermo on Thames St.

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