Getting Packages from Abroad in Buenos Aires

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Getting packages from abroad in Buenos Aires, the International Post Office.If you are lucky enough to have a permanent address in Buenos Aires to have a package sent, then cross your fingers so you are home when the Postman comes to drop it off. If crossing your figers doesn’t work, then pack your travel pillow and head down to the elephantine International Post Office in Retiro. Of course you can bypass this adventure by shipping via FedEx or UPS, but for the more economic route this is the game in town.

After a little more than two weeks, I was just happy to hear that my package was in the country. Because the package was sent to my friend’s address, he needed to come with me, which made my trip much easier. We took the 132 bus and hopped off in front of the train station in Retiro and walked two short blocks to the enormous grey building that screamed “Public Sector.”

The reception of BA international post office was jammed with people; some seated in chairs, others on the floor, and another group milling outside the door. After grabbing a ticket we opted for the floor. Despite the crowds we waited less than an hour to be called to the counter. But, instead of receiving the package, we had our information processed and were asked to wait in an adjacent room while my package was found.

Fifteen minutes later we were called into the back section of the building where customs officials retrieve packages and verify the contents. In my case she asked what was in the box and glanced only at the articles already in view. In the end the whole process was not that bothersome, but not what we are used to back home.

Be aware that after a few days there is a 1.90 peso holding fee per day. If speed and security are issues it is worth investigating FedEx or UPS, but I found they were at least four times more expensive. Since nothing being sent to me was crucial I went with the slow boat.

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