Weekend Buzz: Random Edition

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Thanks for this photo, David.

I tried to figure out a way to relate all these cool events to one another, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it!  Boxing, planetariums and music videos?  Only in Buenos Aires.  Only this weekend.


It’s hard to look at the sky when it’s raining, so go to the planetarium.  “The Sky Tonight” will begin at 6:30 and explore the constellations of the evening.  Myths and legends of the southern hemisphere will also be discussed.  Go take a look at the world, the universe and everything in between.
More info here: www.planetario.gov.ar


Drum & Boxx.  Journalist and culture junkie Mariano Del Aguila has done it again.  Not content to be the editor of Clarin’s culture supplement, he likes to make the news as well.  This time, he’s taking his love of boxing mainstream.  The event will combine the worlds of electronic music, dance, performance and of course, fists, sweat and blood- in this one of a kind evening. More info here: http://www.drumandboxx.com.ar/


The Fifth Festival of the Argentine Videoclip- or music video for us yanks, absolutely free.  It’s located in the Recoleta Cultural Center and features a competition, prizes and of course- music and funky videos. More info here: http://www.festivalvideoclip.com.ar/

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