Weekend Buzz: Not Steak Edition

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I’ve reached the point where I just can’t eat another steak- I miss the days of vegetables, seafood and even the unidentifiable mush of the lunch room…or not.  Anyway, this weekend we’re going to eat well, cows not included!


Abuela Pan is a vegetarian restaurant that doesn’t taste like one.  With a rotating menu of the day (choose between 5 different options) at a price of 17 pesos, this cozy restaurant has fed me many a time.  It would be great if you could write off the selections of stuffed eggplant and chop suey sushi as “healthy,” but these are guilty vegetables, smattered in delicious cheeses and sauces.

Bolivar 707 between Chile and Independencia, San Telmo


Ten different people recommended Cafe San Juan to me and I finally went last weekend.  Oh my goodness.  Sauteed salmon, rabbit in a bed of greens and paella stuffed with scallops- so many non red meats to choose from!  It’s a bit on the pricey side, with appetizers around the 20 peso mark and entrees around 50 pesos, but well worth it.  The cafe is on the smaller side, so be sure to make a reservation.  If you have room for dessert, try anything with chocolate.  You won’t be disappointed.

San Juan 450 at the corner of Defensa, San Telmo


After your usual Saturday night Palermo romp, check out Bio for it’s healthy offerings of vegetarian and vegan foods- like whole wheat empanadas with tofu filling.  The decor is equally as pleasant, with an intimate dining room and spring green feel.  A brunch will put you back around 35 pesos, but the shopping that will most certainly take place after a satisfying meal might cost a bit more.  You’ll be feeling good, looking good and have Palermo’s cute boutiques all around.

Humboldt 2199 at Guatemala, Palermo Viejo

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