Weekend Buzz: Holidaze Edition

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The year’s almost over and you forgot to get your great uncle’s nephew’s sister a present…and you’re in Argentina.  Don’t fret, my pet, there are plenty of shops in which to spend your weekend and whatever’s still left in your wallet.  After this spree, the only thing left to will be finding the space in your suitcase.


At the corner of Cordoba and Florida you’ll find one of the loveliest and largest shopping centers in Buenos Aires.  Built in the late 19th century, Las Galerias Pacificos sports a a European influenced edifice as well as a hand painted fresco at the center of the mall.  There is no way to mention the plethora of shops, but if you tire of the indoor appeal, step out to Florida and peruse the pedestrian mall twelve blocks long.  Roaring red tango shoes for Granny Sue?  Check!


The Festival Buendia is a fair of all things Argentine- designers, artists and live bands will gather at the Planetarium to show their wares to the thousands of people sure to stop by between the late afternoon to midnight.  Mate made of found industrial parts for thirsty Sister Izzy? Check!


San Telmo’s Sunday fair on Defensa is well known, but what about the shops that dot the cobblestones?  L’Ago, on the corner of Carlos Calvo and Defensa, is the spot for all those tschotskies you didn’t know you needed.  I mean…  Mom, I remember you saying you always wanted a painted paper machè cow…

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