Restaurante Katmandu in Buenos Aires, Indian Food at Indian Spiciness

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Restaurante Katmandu in Buenos Aires, an Indian Restaurant with Indian SpiceThe Argentine palette isn’t exactly what you would call robust when speaking about tolerance for spicy foods, so with that knowledge we set out with two goals for our dinner at the Indian Restaurant, Katmandu in Buenos Aires: 1) eat the hottest curries 2) enjoy them.

The bright neon blue sign doesn’t exactly sweep you into a fantastic realm of Indian adventure, mysticism, and musings, but things definitely improved when we entered.  To our left was a bread counter with some fresh naan, and servers were donning tunic length shirts that suggested authenticity. Later, when we were seated, we found a large piece of carved wood, probably used in ancient Indian schools, displaying many of the positions used in Kamasutra.

The menu at Katmandu covers all of the bases with a few varieties of breads, appetizers, and sauces. For main platters there are the staple chicken, lamb, prawn, and fish dishes, as well as vegetarian options, all for between 20-35 pesos (7-12 USD). The beverage selection takes a slight dip with the absence of the mango lassi (they do have the sweet lassi and salt lassi, though). On the beer front it was disappointing, but not unexpected that they had to substitute Quilmes and Heineken for Cobra and King Fisher.

Wanting to get the full spectrum of tastes we ordered some of everything: lamb, chicken, prawn, and spinach and cheese. Each dish can be prepared to your tastes, as normal, hot, or Indian hot. Based on the owner’s confirmed report on the Argentine palette and the fact that fewer spices rob the dish of its taste we bucked up and went for the heat, completing our first task for the evening.

The food was very good and the spiciness was excellent; not enough to have us drinking excessively or panting desperately, but it did induce the good old curry sweat. Task two complete.

With plans for continued drinking we skipped dessert (a selection including ice creams and small pastries all around 10-12 pesos), and paid our bill, which came to us in a little hand carved wooden box with a lid.

Restaurante Katmandu
Located at Avenida Cordoba 3547
Tel: 4963-1122/3250
Mon – Saturday


Rakesh Khatri on November 29, 09

Please let me know how far it is from Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel and convention centre. Please tell routings how to reach there from Sheraton hotel. send me the rate list.


lucy on November 30, 09

Sure, it looks like it’s just down the street:
Any you can find out more about the taxi rates here:
Good luck!

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