Weekend Buzz: Low Impact Edition

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Photo by Clare Savory

After eating more than you thought you could and staying out longer than was humanely possible, it’s time to relax. The holidays are over. 2009 has begun. Take a break, chill out and rejuvenate.
Enjoy a cocktail, a tour and something they call a “cocktail tour” at the Faena. Held in the Library Lounge, the weekly Friday event has been completely redone with a mix of Portuguese, French, English and Spanish songs to sing you into serenity. If you come hungry, be sure to check out the unicorn dining room. You won’t forget it.

Martha Salotti 445, 4010 9000

What more do you need to relax than a dark theater and scenes of the beach? Check out “Balnearios” at the Central Museum of Buenos Aires, Av. de los Italianos 851. The movie series is part of the contemporary Munich festival and is themed with seaside resorts and begins at 8pm. Totally and completely free.

I’m not too sure about the specifics of this one, but if you like Hare Krishna devotional music, or are curious as to what it’s like in Buenos Aires, go to Malabia 1833 at 4:30 for some free tunes. All signs point to relaxing, but there are also some pointing to strange. They claim the music will be “good for the soul” and that can’t be bad, right?

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