A Model’s Story: From Cartonero to Chic

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The Telegraph reports on the Cinderella story of 16 year old Daniela Cott.  After winning Argentina’s Elite Model Look competition and getting signed by the global fashion giant, her humble roots were exposed.  Daniela was spotted 2 years ago as she picked through garbage working as a cartonero- or someone who makes their wage by recycling cardboard, plastics and scraps of metal.  Jewelry designer Marina Gonzalez saw her in Palermo and instantly recognized her potential.  Gonzales persuaded Daniela to pose for a series of photos and her training began.  “I had no idea about makeup or modeling, and couldn´t walk in high heels.  I spent six months practicing walking properly,” Daniella said.  She hopes to use her career to highlight the plights of her past.

Via:  The Telegraph

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