Weekend Buzz: Get Outta the City Edition

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Photo by John Spooner

Photo by John Spooner

Believe it or not, there are fun and exciting things to do outside Buenos Aires.  Why not go away this weekend?


Hop on the Busquebus and over to Uruguay for La Pedrera Short Film Festival. More than 240 films will be screened by international artists.  The event runs all weekend and begins at 9pm at the Social Club of La Pedrera.



The Roxy Surf and Art Festival of Mar del Plata is an excellent excuse to brave the crowds of beach goers and check out some cool surfing and art.  Held at Honu Beach, the event is set to celebrate the females of the sport.  Over 2000 dollars in prizes will be awarded.



Fred on January 10, 09

How about going to the carnival in
gualeguaychu? It’s spectacular, safe and within a reasonable distance from BsAs


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Laura on January 28, 09

We offer cool getaway packages. In Tigre, during the daytime, take a nice boat ride through the narrow rivers and hear exotic birds. Then come home to a beautiful house with a park, hammock and a little beach. A great deal for oxygenating the soul.

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