4th Starbucks Opens

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Coffee cup fanatics now have another locale to sate their thirst; Avenida Elcano 3179 in Belgrano is the latest spot to boast the famous roast.  The others are located in Alto Palermo (Arenales y Diaz), Belgrano (Federico Lacroze 2301) and Centro (Callao 702) and all have free wifi.  According to the article in The Argentine Post, the most popular drinks in Argentina are the Caramel Macchiato, Mocha and Cappuccino.  Prices range between 7 and 15 pesos, but as many of the shops are new- they are usually abuzz with free samples.  With regards to the snacks, you’ll find your standard array of sandwiches, muffins and sweets.  See you there!

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