Learn Spanish in Argentina (and Have Fun Too) at La Montaña Spanish School

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Salsa and Tango classes helped out at La Montaña spanish school.OK, so let’s face the facts. You’ve been traveling around Argentina as an English speaker, and those Spanish skills you picked up in high school aren’t coming back as smoothly as you had hoped. Buenos Aires is full of spanish schools where you can change that. And between all the late night clubbing, tango show hopping, and endless adventures throughout the big city, you may actually manage to remember something you learned in class. But why not get more bang for your buck? La Montaña is a Spanish school in Bariloche that will help you do just that.

La Montaña is very appropriately named ‘The Mountain’ as it sits in Bariloche – the heart of Andean Patagonia. A constant stream of backpackers flows through the classroom doors in hopes of picking up a few more useful words. I was one of those travelers, and one of those students. And with the professional and organized teachers I found there, I came away with much more than a few extra words, I came away with a dramatically improved level of Spanish.

La Montaña Spanish School entranceClasses at all levels are available. Novices are taught how to order a steak at a restaurant, while the more advanced students are introduced to Argentina’s literary genius, Jorge Borges. From one extreme to the next, the conversation skills of all students are improved.

As if the impeccable lessons are not enough, the school also offers endless activities, lodging options including home stays with the locals, and even volunteer opportunities. And let’s not forget about the main reason we all stop through Bariloche in the first place – the Andes Mountains.

Playing a game at La Montaña school in BarilocheIn the winter season, the students would walk into class fully equipped in their skiing/snowboarding gear. No time was wasted for the die-hards who raced to the slopes as soon as class ended, in order to squeeze as many runs as possible out of each day. Likewise in the warmer season, the daily plans of each student (hiking, fishing, free tango/salsa lessons offered through the school, parasailing, forest excursions, and more) are discussed over the free medialunas and tea offered during the thirty minute class break.

By the Nahuel Huapi in Bariloche, ArgentinaWith numerous activities penciled into your daily calendar, you may find the hardest part of enrolling at La Montaña spanish school is choosing what you want to do on any given night. (Well, I suppose those past subjunctive conjugations can get a little tricky too). It’s an experience you won’t forget and Spanish classes you will be thankful you had. Without doubt you’ll walk away with fun memories, new friends, and more confidence to go conquer the wild lands of Argentina with your much-improved Spanish skills.

Spanish School La Montaña
Elflein 251 – CP: 8400
Bariloche, Argentina
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