Dancing Cities

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On April 18, 19, 25th and 26th, the Ministry of Culture for the City of Buenos Aires is proud to present the dance festival “Ciudanza.”  Ciudanza is part of an international network of dance companies that perform contemporary performances in urban landscapes.  Cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, Bologna, London and several more will also be celebrating urbanity in this manner.  The collaboration of architecture and anatomy will hopefully inspire audiences to look at streets, buildings and public spaces in new ways.  The performances will take place in Parque Cenetario, Parque Mujeres, and Parque Tres de Febrero.

The program is free and is scheduled as follows:

Parque Tres de Febrero (Museo Sívori)
Saturday 18 – 2.00 PM
Sunday 19 – 5.00 PM

Parque Centenario (Caballito)
Saturday 18 – 5.00 PM
Sunday 19 -2.00 PM

Parque Mujeres Argentinas (Puerto Madero)
Saturday 25 – 8 PM
Sunday 26 – 8.00 PM


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