Moving to Argentina: Argentinian Mailboxes

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First things first: it is expensive to mail things to the US. I had to mail thank you notes for a few $20 Christmas gifts, and to be frank, the cost of mailing ($32.70 for 7 letters) almost outweighed the gifts. Ok, not really, but it is expensive. It’s $2.40 pesos to mail a postcard.

The Argentine post system is called “Correo Argentino” and has a much flashier sign than what our own American postmen have designed. It’s blue with yellow writing, and there is usually one every few blocks in downtown (a bit more sparse the further out of microcentro you get). The website can be confusing but has almost everything you would need…just have a dictionary handy if you are less than fluent:

A word to the wise: if you are having something mailed to you, DO NOT use UPS, FedEx, DHL, or any other seemingly better system. The good old post system is your friend here. Why? Because if you get a package sent through the high-class system, it gets detained at the airport, creating a whirlwind of lines and hours wasted.

If it is held, customs agents can choose to tax you at their estimated value of the package. Translation? After waiting in a really long line, you may have to end up paying more in taxes than it was valued in the first place. Regular post goes from house to house, thus speeding up the process of your peanut butter delivery.

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Dan on May 15, 09

Hmmm, let’s see, $2.40 pesos, or about 75 cents, to mail an international airmail postcard and that’s expensive? In the U.S. it’s 98 cents for the same. And while one might think that it ought to be cheaper because living in Argentina is cheaper in general, keep in mind that international air service costs are the same regardless of the economy on the sending end.

I’d also disagree on the fedex/dhl stuff – in four years of packages only one was detained and that was because it contained medication that they wanted a copy of the prescription for before allowing it in. Everything else passed right through and has been delivered direct to the house. If you send a package larger than about the size of a large book via the postal system it will almost always be held at the Correo Central down by Retiro and will require 2-3 hours of your time to retrieve it.

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