White Water Rafting in Mendoza – Not for Your Grandma Adventure Tours

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White-water Rafting in Mendoza, Argentina with Ser_O Adventure Travel.

The water crashed into the boat thoroughly soaking all of us as we descended from the huge rapids. The wind chilled my body even through my wet suit and coat, but this is all part of the white water rafting experience! We had a fantastic time, and my huge smile and look of thrill never faded from my face.

Before arriving in Mendoza, I knew there were two things I could not leave without doing…white water rafting and wine tasting. We did not plan anything ahead of time, as we were told the hostels organize everything for you. Therefore, we just went with the company our hostel recommended, and I could not have been happier.

Our Mendoza white-water rafting excursion was set up with Ser O Outdoors, and this was a wonderful recommendation. The owners and guides at Ser O were organized, outgoing and extremely friendly. An hour into our excursion, I felt like I had known our guides for years. They really took the time to talk with us, get to know us, and most importantly they had fun with us!

The day started off with a personal van pick up at the front door of our hostel. The van then took us to Ser O, in which coffee, mate and pastries were awaiting us. We then got all of our equipment on, took pictures and climbed into another van, which took us to the water. We were informed of all safety issues and rafting commands before even touching the water. I did not feel scared or unsafe at any time during our trip.

White (or should I say brown?) water rafting down some rapids in Mendoza.

Once everything was set and ready to go, we were off. We rafted for a good hour or two, hit some awesome rapids and were chilled to the bone from the wind and water! It was exhilarating! We stopped for lunch after two hours in an abandoned town and train station. After exploring for a little while and picking figs from the trees, Ser O provided a great lunch for us. We had the traditional and delicious salami, cheese, crackers, potato chips, peanuts, soda, water and hot coffee. It was the perfect amount of food and not too heavy before the last leg of our rafting experience.

Getting slammed by some rapids on our Mendoza rafting trip with Ser O.

At the end, we all got together for photos and then headed back to Ser O, in which there was a place for us to shower and change clothes even. We then crowded around their computer to look at the action shots that were taken of us during the trip. We had a little while before the van came to pick us up, so we sat and chatted with the owners and their friends. It truly felt like a family. They gave us coffee, fruit and anything else to make sure we were comfortable. I had the most amazing time, and it was mainly due to the incredible staff at Ser O. I would strongly recommend going white-water rafting in Mendoza, as well as going with Ser O Outdoors.

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