Argentines Drink Licaudos

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Photos by Vanessa Hoese

A licuado is a fruit shake.

It is a typical, non-alcoholic, Latin American beverage. This refreshing and nutritious drink is made by blending fruit and ice with either water or milk, the latter option being slightly more expensive. The most common flavors are banana, strawberry and peach. When ordering, it’s important to specify if you do not wish to have sugar added. Also, depending on the season, canned fruits may be used. Argentineans generally drink licuados at breakfast or in la merienda which is between 17:00 and 20:00 as a snack.

One can enjoy a delicious and generous serving of a licuado at El Taller in Palermo. Taller meaning studio, it indeed has an artsy vibe to it with a large poster of Julio Cortazar, the famous Argentine writer along with splashes of color on the walls and wooden chairs and tables. There is also an upstairs performance space. Licuados range from AR$11 to $17. Food is also served.

El Taller Bar

Serrano 1595
4831 5501
Sunday-Thursday 9am-2am
Friday and Saturday 9am to 5am
The night before a public holiday it remains open until 5am


Photos by Vanessa Hoese

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That sounds delicious. I miss living abroad and being able to find more food like this.

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