What the Fernet??

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picture-1The spirit Fernet-Branca originates from Italy but made its way to Argentina with the influx of italian immigrants in the early 1900s.

Fernet con Coca is an Argentinian combo, typically 30% Fernet and 70% coke served with ice. It can also be drunk with soda water and is particularly popular in Cordoba and Buenos Aires, whereas in Italy it is drunk neat and does not enjoy the same success.

Fernet con Coca replaces the champagne at weddings and other celebratory events but is not only reserved for special occasions or the elite. In Argentina, it can always be Fernet 0`clock.

Although adored by Argentinians, when it comes to foreigners Fernet is like marmite (a British bread spread made of yeast) “you either love it or hate it”. This is due to its distinctly strong bitter medicinal flavour. It has been likened to Jagermeister.

Fernet is an unattractive dark  brown colour and is made from a mixture of numerous herbs and spices. It has a thickish consistency. However, its precise ingredients still remain the secret of the Fratelli Branca Distillery.

With a 45% alcohol content, if not taken with caution Fernet could lead to a potentially lethal hangover. In small doses it is believed to relieve digestive problems.

In supermarkets a bottle of Fernet-Branca is sold approximately for AR$30 but be warned there are many cheap imitations which do not compare in quality to Fernet-Branca and will leave you worse for wear, more than the real McCoy. Recommended alternative brands are Fernet Martini, Fernet Rama and Ferner Ramazotti. Note that when asking for a Fernet in a bar it usually refers to the Branca brand.

Fernet can be found in any bar or cafe. Why not steer away from the tourist haunts of San Telmo and Palermo and enjoy a refreshing glass of Fernet Con Coca in Cafe Margot? Located in the quiet neigbourhood of Boedo, close to San Telmo, Cafe Margot has a rustic decor with saucisson hanging from the ceiling and wooden seating. It is popular with the locals and there are regular art displays. A large variety of sandwiches are served along with other snacks and main meals. The smoking section is completely separate from the non smoking area so you do not need to fear for your lungs only your liver!


Cafe Margot
Avenida Boedo 857

Opening Times: Daily from 7am to 2am

How to Get There: Subte Line E Boedo Station

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