The ATG Link to a Steak Contest – Enter to Win a Big Juicy Steak!

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Few things bring to mind Argentina more than a big juicy steak (except maybe Maradona), so to celebrate the start of our sixth month we’ve decided to host the Link to a Steak Contest. That’s right, you help us with a few links, and you get a link back AND the chance to win a big juicy steak! Mmmmm!

To enter, you simply have to write a post on your blog linking to your three favorite ATG articles and also back to this post. We’ll be keeping track of entries via trackbacks, and the winner will be picked at random 2 weeks from today (Apr 17) and announced right here.

There will also be two Runner-Up Prizes in the form of a postcard from yours truly – one for Originality and another one for Humor. The full details are below:

Link to a Steak Contest Details

  1. The First Prize will be a $50 gift certificate to an Argentine Restaurant if possible, and the cash equivalent if not possible. (Also, if you don’t eat beef, you can opt for the cash!) The contest is open worldwide.
  2. All entrants will receive a link back from the results page on Apr 17.
  3. To enter, write a post on your blog that contains links to 3 articles from Argentina’s Travel Guide, as well as a link to this post. Please use descriptive phrases like “Iguazu Boat Tour” rather than “link.Feel free to use our contest graphic!
  4. We will be monitoring contest entries via our trackbacks, but if for some reason your links don’t show up in the comments, drop me a line and let me know!
  5. The First Prize winner will be chosen at random from a hat (really), and the two runner-ups will be chosen by an impartial judge, probably my little sister.
  6. I’ll contact the winners on Apr 17 via their blogs, but check back in case you win and there’s no way to reach you through your blog.

Now for some quick acknowledgements. First, to Erik Vossman of Blogtown Press who’s idea I borrowed (with permission). Also, to mteson on Flickr for his fantastic picture of an Ojo de Bife, luckily under CC. I would have asked Asado Argentina to use of of his fantastic pictures, but I was in a time crunch.

And lastly, I would really appreciate your participation and your help in spreading the word!  Thank you!


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