La Puerta Roja Serves up the Chilli Bomb- It Will Kill You All

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Chille-BombAn invention of La Puerta Roja this lethal concotion consists of a shot of vodka that has been mixed with chopped chillis and Speed, an energy drink. A full shot glass is  plunged into a large glass of Speed and then expected to be downed in one foul swig.
Careful not to knock those front teeth out! This is not for the faint hearted and one is sure to be a cheap date.

La Puerta Roja is recognized only by its red door, as it is not signposted. It is reminiscent of  a sixth form college common room with poor lighting, shabby walls, worn leather seating and a pool table. Yet still it is a comfortable and cool place to hang out.
It offers a large range of spirits and a small selection of wine and beers. Pizzas and sandwiches are also served. Despite its inconspicuousness it attracts a mixture of locals and travelers. Large crowds from hostels come regularly as part of  “the buenos aires pub crawl” to invade the joint.

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