Traveling Beyond Buenos Aires

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When traveling to Buenos Aires, tourists often look for getaways outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. Katie Hammel, a tourist returning from her Buenos Aires vacation highlights her experiences in a lovely article she wrote for The Expeditioner. She writes about her experiences traveling beyond Buenos Aires. From wine tasting in Mendoza to visiting an old lighthouse in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, the article highlights a lot of the hidden surprises you can find outside the city.

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Spanish Classes on November 2, 09

That is one thing that I think is sorely overlooked by tourists. They want to go to all of the standard places. But once I sall the Eiffel tower I thought to myself ok I’ve seen this in pictures it looks the same. What next.

Get off the beaten path and that is where you find the most memorable experiences that make your trip great.

Travel Nepal on January 17, 10

Thanks for your Article.

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