La Catedral Metropolitana in Buenos Aires, A Church Worth Seeing

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La Catedral Metropolitana in Buenos Aires, Argentina

At the intersection of San Martin and Rivadavia you can find one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Buenos Aires. The main Catholic temple of the city, La Catedral Metropolitana, is conveniently located in front of Plaza de Mayo and easy to spot with its beautiful, Neo-classic architecture.

On your firs day in the city, there’s nothing quite like a Buenos Aires walking tour to get yourself well acquainted with your whereabouts. Guides of all shapes and sizes are available; but sometimes the best way to do it is by just wandering through the streets with a map in hand. This way you can save a few dollars, move at your own pace, and you won’t feel pressured to keep up with the group. So much can be seen on your own two feet and without a doubt this square will be a stop on the city’s list of main attractions.

In Plaza de Mayo you can find the Casa Rosada, El Cabildo, La Casa de Gobierno, and so much more. The plaza and all of the buildings it encompasses are renowned for their cultural and historical significance to Argentina. The Catholic cathedral is an extremely important part of the conglomeration.

Inside the Catedral Metropolitana in BA.Massive columns line the front of the building and the richness of detail inside is foreshadowed by the beautiful facade. As you enter, remember to keep quiet and respect the location. It is not only city landmark and tourist destination, it is also a sanctuary for the locals.

With all of the machinery and technology we have today, it is hard to fully appreciate a piece of art like this church. The sheer manhours, love, and effort that must have gone into it are difficult to fathom. But the result is undoubtedly a masterpiece.

The altar at La Catedral Metropolitana in Buenos AiresPaintings, tiles, stained glass, and sculptures, are just a few of the artistic elements used to express the importance of this location. There are 5 naves that are placed along the outdoor realms of the church. And in the center you will see pews scattered with local worshippers. Straight ahead is a golden altar with Jesus looking out among his visitors. The stained glass windows above let in just enough light to draw your eyes to the cross, the walls stretch high, and the tiled dome-ceilings display Renaissance-like elements.

Detail inside Catedral MetropolitanaThere is much to see in the Cathedral and lessons to be learned there about Argentina’s history, culture, and faith. Stepping through the Cathedral doors trasports you to another world, and when you get back to the busy Buenos Aires streets you take with you a little bit of the calm you found inside.


Foreign Language Blog on April 12, 07

Argentinian cathedrals look like they have a lot of French influence. I lived in France for 2 years and moved around a bit and one thing I know is cathedrals. Very nice!

Cherie on April 14, 07

Loved the photos! It would be nice to have a few more facts about the cathedral: date, architect, and specific works of art inside.

Thanks for drawing attention to this beautiful church!

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