Into the Fury – Take a Boat Tour Under Iguazu Falls

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An ominous sign of what was to come in our Iguazu boat tour

Do you like to come back from your vacations with bragging rights? Then take this 15 USD tour and you will get more out of your Iguazu Falls experience than the average tourist. The Iguazu Falls are tucked away in the forest at the tri-border between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. When it comes to touring the falls, people’s loyalties lie in one of two camps – those who prefer the Brazilian side and those who prefer the Argentine side of the National Park. (Everyone agrees you experience nothing fall-related in Paraguay).

While the view of the Devil’s Throat at Iguazu may be more spectacular from the Brazilian platform reached by elevator, the Argentine side offers extensive foot bridges that pass under and above the lips of some of the giant drops. However, for 15 USD you can take an Iguazu boat ride that will allow you to thumb your nose at the visitors in both countries, as you motor right into the fury of the monstruous falls.

A picture of Iguazu Falls before we dive into them with our boat.Not only will you get absolutely soaked and feel up close the power of the falls, but you also get bragging rights because no matter how you phrase it the fact that you took a small boat and motored into the dump zone to receive a sheet of water from some of the biggest falls in the world is undeniably sweet.

Tickets for the tour are available at the main entrance to Iguazu National Park on the Argentine side. The boat ride lasts about fifteen minutes and some of them stop at one of the islands in the gorge. Afterwards, you are left at a trail that allows you to explore the falls on foot or return to the entrance. There is an open-top truck tour that is essentially pointless unless you have an open-top truck fetish. I strongly suggest saving the extra pesos for a Quilmes.

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