Hash House Harriers in Buenos Aires

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The Hash House Harriers in Buenos Aires, and around the globe, are a perfect combination of jog and jocular. Often and proudly self described as ‘a drinking club with a running problem’ the group has a distinguished history with exotic routes as far back as (now) Malaysia in 1938.


The concept is simple, members run, jog, or walk along a trail, as long as 10km or short as 6km, marked with mounds and dusts of flour and at the end of the trail several bottles of cold beer await attention at a host’s house. The host and trail are on a rotating schedule to ensure a unique experience every time. The drinking also has a wee bit of method and songs applied to the madness. Yes. Songs! At the last Hash meeting, we were ‘virgins’ which, of course, merited a downing of Ishenbecks and one (of many songs) that went something like this:

“Here’s to ‘the hasher’
He’s true blue,
He’s a Hasher,
Through and through,
He’s a pisspot,

So they say,
Tried to go to heaven,
But he went the other way,
So drink it down, down, down . . .”

While the group continues on the “down, down, down…” all the drinkers are to down their beer as fast as they can, only showing they’ve completed the task by upturning the cup over their heads. If you’re a bit too slow, the chorus of “down, down, down” turns to “whyyy are we waiting, whyyy are we waiting…” but do not let this unsettle you. The group is friendly and you can take your time. Or, dump the foam behind your back. One can notice that more tame or experienced hashers sit safely in the background while those more fervent, or new, are at the fore.

The best part of the Hash House Harrier experience is the hashers themselves. There is always a combination of friendly expats and locals alike, one may find themselves talking about futbol, politics, business (with a beer penalty of course), or the happenings about town. You’ll leave with a warm feeling, either from the beer, the new found friends, or both.

It costs $15 pesos to attend a meeting, which pays for all of the beer and some heavy snacks including, at the last meeting anyway, cookies, potato chips, potatoes, and a chicken curry. The best place to find out where the next Hash House Harriers meeting in Buenos Aires will be is to visit the ‘Expat Events in Buenos Aires’ Facebook page found at this link:

Expat Events in Buenos Aires

Happy hashing!


Chick Maggot on April 14, 10

Totally agree – Great article, and all are welcome to the Hash.

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