Puma Hostel in San Martin de los Andes

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Puma Hostel in San Martin de los AndesIf you are looking for a mountain getaway, follow your compass South. San Martin de los Andes offers so many outdoor activities that it is difficult to validate time spent indoors while you’re there. But when you do need to catch some zzzz’s, there is no better place than Puma Hostel.

Puma Hostel’s location could not be better. Just a few minutes walk from the bus station, and your backpack-tired shoulders will be grateful for the quick arrival. Puma Hostel sits at the base of the mountains where you can find trail heads and lose yourself for hours. Walk four blocks to the west and you’ll find yourself on the beaches of Lake Lacar, four blocks to the north and you will be in the town center.

Puma Hostel quincho and common area.It offers everything that a traveler is looking for and more. It has a warm homey feeling with its cabin like structure. The shared area is scattered with wooden picnic tables for dining and a spacious kitchen where the guests gather to reminisce over their travels. If you are feeling a bit lazy, in the living room you’ll find couches and a television where you can relax. It’s very comfortable and perfectly captures the essence of the mountain environment.

At the entrance you will see a wall decorated with colored pamphlets regarding local adventure activities, and if you don’t find what you are looking for there, the staff is always available to give their advice and recommendations. Need a bike? Just take a step outside and rent one from a Puma staffer.

When you finally make it to your bedroom you will be grateful to see that there are private bathrooms and showers within each room. They are comfortable and clean, and the Puma Hostel staff will never try to cram more than four people into one dormitory.

But I have saved the best part for last; the staffers themselves. They are extremely helpful, always very friendly and welcoming, they’ll jump at an opportunity to share a conversation or a mate, and they may even join you for an outing on the town.

There’s no reason you should risk having a bad experience in a wonderful place; so to assure a pleasant stay, book ahead and reserve your room at Puma Hostel.

Puma Hostel
A. Fosbery 535
San Martin de los Andes
Tel. 02972 422443
Puma Hostel Website

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