Green Bamboo Restaurant has the Best Asian Food in Buenos Aires

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Green Bamboo Restaurant in Buenos AiresIn Palermo Hollywood, on the corner of Costa Rica and Carranza, lies arguably the best Asian eatery in Buenos Aires. Billed as a Vietnamese/Asian-Fusion restaurant, Green Bamboo provides an intimate setting for an amazing meal.

As you pass through the front door into a dining room which holds at most 20 tables, the aromas of ginger-and-garlic accented dishes entice your senses. Once your eyes adjust to the dimly lit interior, you notice the Asian-inspired décor which includes little Asian dolls that line the bar, a dragon hanging from the ceiling, and strategically placed paper screens.

Without a reservation, diners may have to wait hours to be seated. This is not a problem, however, as there is room at the bar to grab a traditional drink, or one of Green Bamboo’s original creations. Whether you choose the former or the latter, you will witness an artist at work as the full-time bartender masterfully chops, shakes, and stirs to create cocktails that are not only unique and delicious, but beautiful as well.

Once you have been seated, you are faced with a tough decision: What to order. The menu features a page of appetizers ranging from chicken satay to pork dumplings to a fish based soup and a page of main course options including chicken prepared in a coconut milk sauce, spicy beef with vegetables, and a sweet and sour duck dish.

There are many other Asian-inspired meat dishes, as well as vegetarian options, and each entrée is served with a rice and/or vegetable accompaniment. If you have saved room for dessert, which is hard, you have a few choices of traditional Argentine rather than Asian desserts.

All in all, Green Bamboo is on my ‘must-eat-here’ list if you are in search of quality Asian food in Buenos Aires. Whether you are traveling to Buenos Aires for 10 days and are tired of parillas, or have decided to move here for good and are in need of some great Asian cuisine, Green Bamboo will surpass expectations. While a little on the expensive side, this restaurant is worth every centavo. Drinks run about $13-$16 pesos, appetizers are $10-16 pesos, and main courses are $26-$36 pesos. All of the selections (whether they be food or drink) come in very generous portions. Enjoy!

Green Bamboo
Costa Rica 5802
Palermo Hollywood – Buenos Aires
Tel: 4775-7050


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