An American Sports Bar in Buenos Aires – Shoeless Joe’s El Alamo Bar

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El Alamo Bar in Buenos AiresNestled in between Avenida Santa Fe and Arenales on Uruguay in Recoleta is a little taste of the United States; a good ol’ American sports bar in Buenos Aires! If I were to blindfold, kidnap, and place you in El Alamo (also known as Shoeless Joe’s) on a Sunday afternoon during (American) football season, you would swear you were at any corner bar back in the United States. The smells of hot grease, stale cigarettes, and cheap beer are the same. The sounds of color commentators announcing wide receiver fly patterns and linebackers’ 40 yard dash times, as well as the random curse-riddled outbursts of rabid fans are the same.

And if I took the blindfold off, you might be a little disappointed. Instead of the large, high definition flat-screen televisions that line the walls of my local sports bar back outside of Boston, MA, El Alamo boast just two flat-screen TVs and a bunch of small ones.

Maybe it’s a character flaw of mine, but if there is one thing that I live for, it is to watch my football either live, or on a big HDTV. Shallow life? Maybe. But I know I am not alone. For American sporting events that cannot be shown via Argentine Direct TV, El Alamo grabs an often grainy and pixilated internet feed and hooks it up to their televisions. This creates an interesting paradox: On one hand, it is great to be able to watch the sporting event that I otherwise would not have be able to see live. But the picture quality is poor, and I often find that my viewing experience is ruined.

During Buenos Aires’ spring and summer I frequented Shoeless Joe’s El Alamo every Sunday to get my fix of the National Football League. After searching, there are no other possibilities in Buenos Aires other than the one or two games per week that are broadcast on the Argentine ESPN affiliate. Believe me, I am very happy to have a place go and watch football every Sunday, but El Alamo just makes me appreciate my old sports bar back home that much more.

El Alamo Bikini OpenEditor’s Note: For more on this American sports bar in Buenos Aires, check out Alan’s review of El Alamo, or head over there on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday for their Bikini Open…need I say more?

Shoeless Joe’s El Alamo Bar
Uruguay 1175 (between Santa Fe & Arenales)
Tel: (54 11) 4813-7324
Shoeless Joe’s El Alamo Bar


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