Hostel Lao in Mendoza, Friendly, Fun, and They Have a Dog!

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Hostel Lao's awesome backyard and hammocks.

Being away from my family on Christmas was much more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Therefore, I decided to take a trip to Mendoza to distract myself from the fact that it was the holiday season. Considering my love for dogs (pushing on obsession actually), I ended up choosing to stay at Hostel Lao in Mendoza, as I knew there was a dog living there! The place looked nice in the photos as well, don’t worry. Little did I know that not only would I find a fantastic hostel and the most playful dog, but also a social situation that left me feeling anything but alone for the holidays!

This is Astor at Hostel Lao!The second the door opened, Astor, the huge German Shepherd, popped his head out to see who his next playmates would be! I was exhilarated to be his next victim. The staff immediately gave us a tour, booked excursions for our whole stay and answered every question we had.

The owners are a young British man and his Argentinian girlfriend and they are both incredibly friendly. They gave us restaurant recommendations, made the reservations for us and even let us use their phone to make calls. They also live in the hostel, so you know it has to be a clean place!

We arrived the day before Christmas Eve, and were thrilled with all of the excursions we planned. The hostel made us dinner reservations at a great restaurant that night, but we were not so sure where we were going to eat dinner during the holidays, as many places close.

Hostel Lao indoor lounge area.Fortunately, Hostel Lao was having a huge celebration and dinner for everyone staying there, so we did not even have to figure it out. We each paid $40 pesos for all you can eat meat, salad, wines from Mendoza, typical Christmas desserts and even flavored cognacs. The music was hopping and everyone in the hostel joined together around a huge table for dinner. It was so much fun that it thoroughly distracted me from the fact that it was Christmas Eve. If anything, I was able to celebrate Christmas Eve the Argentinian way.

Overall, Hostel Lao is very nice and has a lot of character as well. It is a big house that was turned into a hostel. It has a beautiful back yard with hammocks everywhere, a pool, tables to sit and enjoy a bottle of wine and overall a very relaxing ambience. There are also beautiful sitting areas within the house, several nice couches, a big kitchen table as well as a nice balcony on the top floor.

Hostel Lao insideHostel Lao is wonderful because you will feel at home there. It has a very social atmosphere, it is comfortable, Astor will always want to play with you, and the owners are great people. I really recommend staying at Hostel Lao, especially if you like dogs as much as I do. You will never feel lonely and you are guaranteed a great time!

Hostel Lao
Rioja 771, Mendoza
6 bed dorm rooms from 18-22
Doubles from 60


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martin on April 27, 07

I’ve spent 5 days at Hostel Lao this summer and had a great time! Nice recommendation.

César Gonzalez on May 22, 07

Hi Martin, we’re glad you liked it too!

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