Naturata, a Great Vegetarian Restaurant in Mendoza, Argentina. Really.

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Naturata Vegetarian Restaurant in MendozaAfter eating only junk food and bus food on the ride to Mendoza, I was craving a healthier lunch option upon our arrival. A book of mine suggested a vegetarian restaurant, however, after being chased down by the owner of our hostel and told not to go there, we changed our plans. Instead, the owner of our hostel recommended Naturata Restaurant Vegetariano, and I must agree that it is a fantastic restaurant.

Not only is the food great, but the owner is awesome as well. He is sweet, informative and a vegetarian himself. He is the kind of owner that makes your visit special and very personal. If I did not want to return for the food…I still would for the great service!

The hot options at Naturata vegetarian restaurant in MendozaWe were very hungry, so we went for the buffet option. There is also the option of picking two hot dishes and a salad. However, there were too many good options to be limited to three things. Therefore, we paid the mere $15 pesos for an all you can eat vegetarian buffet, which also included a dessert. It was extremely fresh, colorful and flavourful. He had vegetarian pizza with pumpkin and Roquefort cheese, pizza with zucchini and cheese, grilled tomatoes, spinach stuffed pasta shells, corn quiche, vegetarian empanadas, great salads, homemade dressings and fresh spices! It was all beautiful and exactly what I needed.

The owner also informed me that they prepare the food fresh everyday. He has owned the restaurant for six years, and his philosophy is that of caring for the well being and health of his customers. He has mastered the art of combining the best flavours and freshness to create delicious vegetarian dishes as if they were prepared in your home. He even makes all of the breads and crusts from scratch.

Overall, I appreciate any restaurant that offers something different. Gustavo, the owner, is a great guy and has done a fantastic job providing flavourful, fresh, wonderful vegetarian food. I have to compliment him for even opening a vegetarian restaurant in a country that so strongly prides itself on its meat. Naturata Restaurant Vegetariano was a great restaurant recommendation, and I must pass it on to all of you!

Naturata Restaurant Vegetariano in Mendoza
Don Bosco 73 Ciudad de Mendoza
Tel: 0261-420-3087 or 0261-15-543-0456
Mon to Sat from 12-3:30
Closed Sundays and Holidays


Theo on May 14, 07

Palabra, I have also had the pleasure of eating at Naturata earlier this year. There’s another veggie place in Mendoza that I remember seeing, although I never got the chance to eat there. Do you know of what I write about?

Anizza on October 4, 08

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well do anything!!

Username on June 1, 09

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