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carnival-of-cities.pngTime for some more Travelogosphere fun. Carole over at the San Diego Beat has put together a great issues of the Carnival of Cities. It’s obvious that a lot of work went into it and we really appreciate taking part. Cherie’s Beginner’s Guide to Tango was the article featured for Argentina’s Travel Guide.

Head over to the carnival post on San Diego Beat to see all the entries. Some of the highlights for me were a very humorous 10 Signs That You’re in Puerto Rico by Visit The Coqui, Tony’s Brazil in Pictures: 25 de Março Street, and shedwa’s post on the Hotel Stoli Opening in LA, a great temporary marketing stunt by Stolichnaya.

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Carole on May 22, 07

It was well worth the effort, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Although it won’t be on my site again for a while, as it moves around the blogosphere, I hope to see more articles from you on future carnivals of cities.

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