In Buenos Aires, EVERYONE Delivers

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Buenos Aires delivery cultureBuenos Aires, among other things, is a city where everything is at your fingertips. What I mean is that everyone delivers! And I’m not talking just about your normal delivery places like pizza shops and chinese food, I’m mean everybody.

Say you find yourself stuck at home working, and you want a cup of coffee (or a maté) but don’t have a machine? Just call up your corner café. They will send a waiter to your door with a cup of coffee and saucer on their tray. Then, let’s say that the coffee wakes up your sweet tooth. Well, call up one of the dozen ice cream parlors in your area (I guarantee that wherever you are, there will be dozens) and have them motor over a hand-packed liter of your favorite flavors.

Ok, big whoop, you get it already – the food places in BA deliver. But I don’t think you do, so here is a little experiment I did for your benefit. I walked out of my apartment in Palermo and walked six blocks around the neighborhood in order to count all of the places that deliver.

The results? One supermarket, three cafes, two hardware stores, a magazine kiosk, a flower kiosk, one empanada restaurant, two parillas, and two clothing stores. And that’s in five minutes.

So if you ever find yourself stuck at home in Buenos Aires with the need for a hammer, some celery, a spicy empanada, a newspaper, some steak, and medialunas, you don’t need to walk any further than the nearest phonebook!

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Samuel M. on August 28, 09

Now you can find six food restaurants that deliver without even leaving your apartment.

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