9 de Julio – Is it the Widest Street in the World?

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9 de JulioJuly 9, 1816. Argentina’s birthday. On this momentous day, Argentina gained its independence, and in commemoration of this big event the Argentines named main street in downtown Buenos Aires 9 de Julio. But this is not just any street. You have to see it to believe it.

Nine lanes wide, with gardened medians between the opposing flow of traffic, this is the widest street in the world. Those with a quick pace and long legs will be lucky if they get to the other side with the changing of two traffic lights that are placed at every intersection. A pedestrian crossing usually requires a few extra minutes and a few green lights. However, the inevitable stop in the center provides a great perspective of the magnitude of the street as well as the city.

The street runs far in both directions and connects the unique sections of the great metropolis. Some of Buenos Aires’ main landmarks can be seen along the way; most notably, the Obelisk. The Obelisk is a Washington Monument-like structure that sits in the middle of 9 de Julio. Back in 1936 it was constructed in just 31 days. Other architectural masterpieces that line the sidewalks are: the original French Embassy, the statue of Don Quixote, and the Teatro Colon.

Along 9 de Julio you can find various stops for each of the subway station lines where their paths cross. Lines B, C, and D create a focal point in the subway system where they come together at this street. They share a station situated directly beneath the Obelisk which are called Carlos Pellegrini, Diagonal Norte, and 9 de Julio.

Whether traveling by foot, car, subway, bike, taxi, or bus, you will surely come across 9 de Julio and you will know it when you see it. There you can tip your hat to those who fought for the freedom of the great country of Argentina.

Editor’s Note: If you want to take a great walking tour of Buenos Aires around downtown, the Obelisk, and 9 de Julio, check out Alan’s site. And by the way, the answer to the title question is YES!


Témoris on September 4, 07

Sorry, mates! I’m afraid that 9 de Julio is not the widest avenue in the world. To say it is is a lot to say, isn’t it, in particular if you haven’t traveled to every city of the world and seen every avenue. As none of us has done that, none can say which is truly the widest (nor longest, highest,trickiest…) avenue of the world, but I’ve been to Delhi, in India, and its Rajpath avenue is actually wider than the 9 de Julio. So the answer to the title question is NO!

Alex on January 8, 08

Sorry, you are both wrong. The widest public thoroughfare in the world is the Eixo Monumental, which runs for 2.4 kilometers from the Praça Municipal to the Praças dos Três Poderes in Brasília. The six-lane avenue was inaugurated in April 1960 and is 250 metes wide.

Adrian on April 22, 08

Sorry, but you both, Alex and Temoris are wrong. Eixo is in fact TWO six-lane avenues separated by blocks, even with buildings in the middle. And the Rajpath avenue is just a two-lane avenue (!) whith a lot of green spaces around. 9 de Julio Avenue es a nine-lane avenue over 120 mts. wide, side by side. Google them. See the pictures. Or in google maps. You will have no doubt. So the answer to the title question is YES! IT IS !

Andras on July 15, 08

You probably have never been to Novi Beograd. Check it on gearth.

Aki Themis on September 4, 08

Avenida de Nueve de Julio is the widest street in the World. 16 Lanes (140 metres.)

Patricia C Funes on October 20, 08

9 de Julio Av. it’s the widest with out discution and I can say too Argentina have the widest (9 de Julio Av.) and the longest, that will be Av. Rivadavia.

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juan valadez on March 22, 09

9 de julio is a realy big street to cross and i think that its a good size road because when i went to work their i drove it every day for 6 weeks back in march 2008.

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sebastian on July 14, 09

it is the widest avenue in the world Eixo Monumental is the widest divided highway in the world its not an avenue or a street so as far as avenues are concerned 9 de julio is still the widest avenue in the world

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michael on April 14, 10

the 9 de julio avenue, is, in fact, the widest avenue in the world, and here is the key word: avenue, not highway. it has 17 lanes and 140m wide. and the second widest avenue in the world, is in argentina too, it is the libertador avenue, in buenos aires too. and the longest is the rivadavia avenue, with more than 20km’s long.

Gabby! on April 21, 10

Guys, 9 de Julio is not alone the widest, but it is one of the widest. In the Philippines, there is a certain road called COMMONWEALTH AVENUE which is in fact wider than the 9 de Julio avenue: it is a divided highway 9 lanes on each direction, totaling to 18.

Eddie on June 23, 10

Guys, 9 de Julio is really the widest avenue in the whole world. Just try to get across it without getting caught by a single traffic light!
Haha, it’s a really fulfilling achievement!

student on September 15, 10

Even if it is called COMMONWEALTH AVENUE, its stil a highway because you called a highway. That makes the one in Buenos Aires the widest in the world.

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