Get Mexican Food in Buenos Aires! The California Burrito Company (CBC)

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California Burrito Company in Buenos AiresLocated on the second most touristy street in Capital Federal – trumped only by Calle Florida – the California Burrito Company (or CBC) gives the pedestrian nightmare referred to as Lavalle a breath of fiery Mexican air. Make that fresh Mexican air, since it is the closest you will come to Mexican food in Buenos Aires.

CBC has received a lot of attention in the BA blogosphere since it opened, so I’m going to keep this one short. Saltshaker already gave it a thumbs up, and Alan gave it one of his super-thorough look-sees. Here’s my take. One of my biggest disappointments about Buenos Aires has been the lack of good Mexican food. In fact, it may be my only legitimate let-down. Honestly though, I have no one to blame for this but myself. My culinary expectations for the country included the excessive use of tortillas, but alas, I was dead wrong (oops).

While every restaurant serves steak, salads, chicken, and empanadas, none have burritos, real hot sauce, or good salsa. So some duders from California recognized this gaping hole in the market and have taken a great stab and filling it with shredded carne, guacamole, and some picante salsa that is worthy of its name, “Fuego.”

CBC is very similar to the Moe’s burrito chain that is enjoying success in the United States, at least on the east coast. Borrowing from the Subway philosophy it is clean, well lit, and assembly line style. The portions are to American standards which is a calculated decision for them because at 13 pesos a pop their burritos cost as much as a three course meal at a standard Buenos Aires lunch spot. However, the change of pace from the standard Argentine menu is a more than welcome break and a good way to keep your taste buds on their toes.

When you really needed a dose of guacamole, sour cream, and beans, head over to CBC.

California Burrito Company
Lavalle 441, Buenos Aires
4328-3057 / 4328-3056
CBC Website

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