San Vicente – Escape the Hustle of Buenos Aires for the Weekend, on a Happy Meal Budget

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San Vicente, right outside Buenos AiresWalking the quaint streets around the plaza, or watching the sun set over the lake, it is easy to forget that you are just outside the bustle of Buenos Aires. In San Vicente, just passed the southern districts of greater Buenos Aires, the pace of life slows down dramatically, the people are less self-occupied, and the visitor has the undeniable feeling that this is a taste of rural Argentina. There is basically no tourist infrastructure in San Vicente, and the resulting advantage is that the accommodations available (a campground by the lake with all the facilities) caters to locals and costs only two pesos per night (about US$0.70).

Perhaps there is no standout attraction in the town, but it is still well-worth the visit. The advantage is that in comparison with many other towns just outside Buenos Aires, San Vicente has atmosphere and a vivaciousness that is not so common for a town of 45,000 people. On a clear day, the sunset over the expansive lake (Laguna de San Vicente) in the outskirts of the town casts a myriad of colours over the seemingly endless plains of the Pampas, a verdant landscape which defines the province of Buenos Aires.

Exactly 45km from the capital, San Vicente can be accessed by bus from Buenos Aires in line number 79 (costing just over a peso). If you have more time on your hands, you could take a train from Constitucion to Glew or Alejandro Korn, and continue on to San Vicente by bus. You may be surprised by the simple attractiveness of the southern district suburbs, which contain plazas and many unpaved streets giving way to bushy parks and hamlets by the winding tributaries of the many waterways in the region. It is easy to forget that you are so far from the contrasting center of the capital.

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